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DateCompany/CompaniesNews/Article's Title
May 12, 2017INDORAMA VENTURESIVL boosting production with M&As
May 11, 2017CALBEECalbee to add capacity at Kyoto plant amid growing cereal demand in China
May 10, 2017NIPPON PAINTNippon Paint chipper about sales amid car recovery
May 10, 2017THAI UNION GROUPTU catches 19.3% net profit
May 10, 2017THAI HONDAHonda tantalised by EV promotional privileges
May 2, 2017KASET THAI INTERNATIONAL SUGARKTIS profits up on sugar surge
Apr 29, 2017GUANGZHOU AUTOMOBILE GROUPGuangzhou Auto to build electric vehicle plant
Apr 27, 2017SIAM CEMENTSCG staking out Indonesia petrochemical complex
Apr 26, 2017MARUTI SUZUKI INDIAMaruti Suzuki unveils new compact sedan
Apr 26, 2017CHAROEN POKPHAND FOODSCPF invests B25bn in foreign work
Apr 25, 2017TOYOTA MOTOR THAILANDToyota considers landmark local outlay
Apr 25, 2017BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE (THAILAND)Bosch keen on online parts market
Apr 24, 2017INTERHIDESIHL projects revenue rush on new plant
Apr 22, 2017MITR PHOL GROUPMitr Phol, PTT mull biotech
Apr 21, 2017PANDORA PRODUCTIONPandora to open second factory in 2018
Apr 21, 2017SONY TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND)More Thai-built Sony phones
Apr 21, 2017PRANDA JEWELRYPranda sees lustrous rebound
Apr 20, 2017PTT GLOBAL CHEMICALGGC sets B11.20 IPO share price
Apr 20, 2017INDORAMA VENTURESIndorama looks to buy European tire material producer
Apr 19, 2017VINAMILKVinamilk expands board, modernizes management
Apr 18, 2017HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRYFoxconn eyes involving Sharp in Toshiba chip unit bidding
Apr 14, 2017CALBEEJapanese panic buy crisps at £10 a BAG after worst potato harvest in 34 years forces snack companies to halt production
Apr 13, 2017LENOVO GROUPLenovo gambling on modular smartphone technology
Apr 12, 2017TSINGTAO BREWERYChinese brewers poised for further consolidation
Apr 12, 2017CHAROEN POKPHAND FOODSCPF flaps wings after entry in NZ market
Apr 11, 2017CALBEECalbee and Koike-Ya reportedly halting sales of 49 potato chip products
Apr 10, 2017MARUTI SUZUKI INDIAMaruti Suzuki wants the world, starting with rural India
Apr 8, 2017VINAMILKVinamilk sets revenue target of $2.25bn for 2017
Apr 8, 2017THAI UNION GROUPTU launches domestic brand
Apr 7, 2017SAIC MOTORSAIC Motor profit rises, but sales gain trails market growth