Tips for Finding and Using iHerb Coupon Codes

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This video will show you how to find and use an iHerb coupon to receive a discount of $5, or even $10 off your iHerb order. The video will explain who is eligible for the coupon, and how to maximize the discount.

The first step is to browse the iHerb website and select a few products that you would like to purchase. This way you can decide whether or not you are looking for a dollar off discount, or a percentage off, as iHerb coupon codes vary by website and time of year. The iHerb website itself offers $5 off for new customers, but it's useful to know about other sources as well, which may have additional savings to offer. Next, open a tab and search for "iHerb coupon code." You'll see in the results that there are plent of websites offering the codes, but remember that you'll want an iHerb coupon code with a valid expiration date. Now, it's time to head back to your shopping cart. Keep in mind that some discounts will not have a code as the website is running those sales automatically.

In order to use the iHerb promo code, head over to your cart to view your purchases. There will be a section for "savings" where the coupon code can be applied. New customers may or may not already have the welcome coupon of $5 applied to the first order. The shopping cart will also let you know if buying multiple items will take an additional percentage off the order. Once shipping is selected, the order total is available at the bottom of the screen. Multiple coupons cannot be applied simultaneously, but it doesn't hurt to try several different codes to see which iHerb coupon code gives the biggest discount. If your coupon doesn't work, there is a good chance the code has expired, and you need to look for a different one to use.

Now, the cool part is the rewards system used by the site. Any growing business loves new customers, therefore, referring a friend is a great way to rack up discounts. Encourage friends to receive their $5 off iHerb discount code by sending them a personalized referral code, and your account will not only get a $5 credit for a later purchase, but also up to 10% more based on the amount of your friend's purchase. This means that the more referrals you make, the more credit you will have to make even cheaper purchases in the future. These tips will hopefully make shopping a lot more affordable, and holidays and events easier to tackle.

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