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online shopping on Amazon Amazon is a great place to shop online. Everybody is excited about the huge numbers of products, including branded, that are selling on Amazon. People also love the Amazon Prime service. But not every Amazon seller in the US ships items worldwide. In our long list of the best Amazon sellers, we have collected only the stores that offering an international shipping option.

Women's Clothing on Amazon

SheIn Group Limited Probably one of the best women's unbranded clothing stores on Amazon.
Ever Pretty Wedding and evening gowns.
ROMWE Limited Quality, yet inexpensive, women's clothing.
Leggings Depot Women's leggings.
Gracie Mews Women's lingerie, tights, leggings, corsets.
DOBREVA FASHION Lingerie for women.
COCOSHIP Women's vintage retro swimsuits.
RELLECIGA SWIMWEAR Swimwear for women.
Due Maternity & Baby Maternity clothing.

Men's Clothing on Amazon

WorldWideStyle Men's outdoor gear and footwear, including brands like Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, The North Face and so on.
Pike To Peak The North Face men's jackets and coats.
Mordenmiss Men's coats and jackets.
NY Lingerie Men's underwear & socks.
apollo&zeus Hawaiian shirts.

Bags, Shoes & Accessories

Hot Heels Shoetique Women's shoes.
METROCHARM Formal and casual shoes for men.
Wild West Boot Store Cowboy boots, western boots & casual western shoes.
Loa products Sneakers and running shoes.
Deals a plenty Hiking boots, sneakers, and backpacks.
AAfashiondistrict Women's designer bags and wallets from Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, etc.
Belts* A large selection of men's and women's belts, belt buckles and Swarovski rhinestones.
Pelgio Genuine exotic leather products made in Thailand including crocodile leather wallets, belts, bags, crocodile hides, stingray skin, snake, ostrich leather handbags, wallets, briefcases, and belts for men and women.
Your Vision Ray-Ban sunglasses.
Motorhelmets Motorcycle helmets, clothing, jackets, gloves, boots and accessories.

Children's clothes, shoes, babywear, and toys

Hudson Childrenswear Kids' clothing and footwear.
In Fashion Kids A wide range of children's clothing.
topshoesUS Shoes for children.
Toy Planet Toys for kids of every age.
bzsmile LEGO and other educational toys for children.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices

Wireless Place Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus smartphones.
Murphy's Camera Digital cameras and digital camera accessories.
Delca Electronics Laptops and desktop computers of all makes.
iRobot Store iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaners.
RotorLogic (US Dealer) DJI drones, spare parts, and accessories.
Heart Rate Monitors USA Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers. Omron blood pressure monitors.
Spigen Inc Glass protectors for smartphones.

Home & Kitchen Products

BigKitchen Everything for the kitchen, from knives and frying pans to coffee machines.
Great Household A wide variety of household goods.
Lijo Decor Home décor products.
housewares and more Everything for the house, from power tools to vacuum cleaners.
LinenSpa Mattresses, pillows, and mattress covers.

Health & Beauty Products on Amazon

1'ST BEAUTY Cosmetic & makeup kits.
CLUB DIVA BEAUTY Women's cosmetics.
Samurai Japan Japanese cosmetics.
easysole Electric foot massagers.

Jewelry for Women

AeraVida Women's silver jewelry.
The Pearl Source Pearl jewelry for women.
DazzlingRock Diamond jewelry such as wedding rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. White and yellow gold.
Peora Jewelry with gemstones. Outlet of a jewelry factory based in Los Angeles.
Ever Faith Jewelry Jewelry with zircon and Swarovski crystals.

Sporting Goods, Fishing & Outdoor Gear

Willy Goodprice Travel and outdoor recreation products.
Fishermen's Source Everything for fishing: spinners, coils, bait, hooks, fishing rods, fishing lines, clothing, accessories.
Bikewagon Bicycles and bicycle accessories, bike spare parts, cycling clothing. Travel accessories.
YogaAccessories Yoga wear, accessories, and equipment.
YogaClothingForYou Yoga clothes and workout apparel.
Premium Brands Shop A wide range of golf equipment and apparel.
Do It Tennis Everything for tennis.

Miscellaneous Goods on Amazon

National Art Supply A huge selection of art supplies.
EntirelyPets Pet supplies.

Amazon Money-Saving Tips

Recently I found out I was obsessed with shopping on Amazon for every little thing I need in the house. It all started one Thanksgiving when I ordered presents on Amazon through Amazon Prime.

Within 24 hours, everything I ordered was delivered to my doorstep. That completely swept me off my feet! Everything I had ordered, from the instant film camera to the butter churner, got to me within a day. It was thrilling.

On the other side, unfortunately, this frivolous spending continued, I couldn’t stop - until recently, when I learnt how to save a reasonable sum of money while shopping on Amazon. Before that, I'd always lost lots of money, all thanks to impulsive purchases and FOMO “fear of missing out.”

Along the line, I found ways to redeem myself, or at least justify my incessant shopping on Amazon, by devising money-saving tricks whenever I shopped on Amazon. And I’m ready to share those tricks with you.

Sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial, then cancel before you’re charged

Amazon Prime is a subscription service on Amazon that ensures that any item you buy bearing the Prime tag will be shipped to you within a day or two. The downside is that the Amazon Prime subscription can be used for free for 30 days, after which you’ll be charged $119 yearly (or $13 monthly).

Now here’s the trick: use up your 30 days free trial, then cancel the subscription a day before the 30-day trial expires so you won’t be charged. Yeah you heard right!

Do not underestimate the Amazon warehouse option when shopping

inside Amazon warehouse

Here’s another tip: Did you know that Amazon has a warehouse option on their website? Not many people know this, – and you heard it here first! So what’s this warehouse section about? Do they sell items that differ form from the ones on the main website? No, this warehouse section houses items that were bought and returned by customers.

For example, let’s say I want a PlayStation 4 console, 1 terabyte, the slim version. I check Amazon - and voila, I find the console I want selling at $299. I order it and it gets to me, but unfortunately it's the black version. I wanted the white version. Now, this is not my fault, nor is it Amazon’s. The specific color wasn’t written on the website. Because of this, I am eligible to return it, that I haven’t used the item or dismantled it.

Amazon receives the returned item; of course, they can’t relist it as new, so they’ll send it over to the warehouse. Amazon then lists the item as “almost new", "opened box" or "like new” at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

That is to say, though the item is unsealed, all the parts are intact and the item has not been used. Now how does Amazon present the offer to the public – and how does it lure customer to buy such items?

It’s very simple, and the reasons aren’t farfetched. Amazon lists the product at $50 off, so you can save $50 by buying such an item. Who needs the seal, after all? All you need is the console, and Amazon already gave you their word, so you’re fine.

You can use the Wish list and coupon

If you have an Amazon coupon, you can head to the coupon section and buy items with the coupon to reduce the total amount to be paid. The wish list is usually created by you. The list comprises various items you want to buy perhaps are priced too high for you.

The good thing is that, when any of the prices are reduced, Amazon will reach out by mail to inform you so you can go ahead and buy the item, thus saving you some extra bucks.

List of International Amazon Sites

Amazon operates not only in the US, but worldwide. Here's a list of foreign Amazon websites that use local languages and currencies:

This article is also available in: Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Thai.

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