Full Company Name: Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited
Country: China
Phone: +86 53285713831
Fax: +86 53285713240
Office Address:
Tsingtao Beer Tower, May Fourth Square
Hong Kong Road Central, Qingdao,
Shandong Province, 266071

Established Year: 1903
Main Product Category: AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS & FOODAlcoholic Beverages
Products: Beer
Number of Employees: 43000
Key Executives: Mr. Sun Ming Bo - Chairman
Mr. Huang Ke Xing - President
Major Shareholders: Tsingtao Brewery Group Company Limited - 30,83%
Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. - 19,99%
Export Markets: United States, Great Britain, European Union countries, countries of ASEAN, Australia
Stocks Listed: Stocks of TSINGTAO BREWERY are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) under ticker 00168.
Stocks of TSINGTAO BREWERY are listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) under ticker 600600.
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Additional Information:

Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited is China's second largest brewery. The Company produces and markets beer under brand names Tsingtao Beer and Laoshan beer. After the beginning of Deng Xiaoping economic reforms in 1979 Tsingtao Brewery mainly focuses on export its beer to international markets while trying to compete with Chinese and foreign beer makers for share of Chinese market.

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