Manufacturer List

Company NameMain Product CategoryProductsCountry
TCM CORPORATIONHome & ConstructionCarpets and Home TextilesCarpetsTHAILAND
TEXHONG TEXTILEApparel & Fashion ProductsTextileCore-Spun Yarn, Grey Fabrics, Garment Fabrics (Fashion Cotton Textiles)CHINA
THAI AGRO ENERGYMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsEnergyEthanol (99,5%)THAILAND
THAI CANE PAPERPaper, Packaging & PrintingPaper and CardboardKraft PaperTHAILAND
THAI CENTRAL CHEMICALMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsChemicalsCompound Fertilizers, NPK FertilizersTHAILAND
THAI HONDAAuto & TransportationCars, Trucks, and MotorcyclesPassenger Cars, Auto PartsTHAILAND
THAI LUXE ENTERPRISESAgricultural Products & FoodAnimal FeedAnimal Feed (Fish Feed, Shrimp Feed), Frozen Seafood (Frozen Shrimp, Frozen Squid, Frozen Fish), Pet FoodTHAILAND
THAI NIPPON RUBBER INDUSTRYAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsCondoms (Natural Rubber Latex Condoms), LubricantsTHAILAND
THAI PRESERVED FOOD FACTORYAgricultural Products & FoodGrain and Grain Products, StarchInstant Noodles, Rice VermicelliTHAILAND
THAI PRESIDENT FOODSAgricultural Products & FoodGrain and Grain Products, StarchBread, Instant Noodles, Snacks, Biscuits, Fruit JuicesTHAILAND
THAI RUBBER LATEX GROUPAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsConcentrated Latex, Skim Crepe, Skim Block, Rubber Products (Latex Gloves, Latex Mattresses)THAILAND
THAI UNION GROUPAgricultural Products & FoodFish and SeafoodCanned Tuna, Canned Seafood, Frozen Tuna Loin, Frozen Shrimp, Other Canned and Frozen Fish (Sardine, Mackerel, Salmon), Pet Food, Shrimp Feed, Food SupplementsTHAILAND
THAI VEGETABLE OILAgricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsSoybean Oil, Soybean Meal, Full Fat Soy, Dehulled Soymeal, Sunflower OilTHAILAND
THAI WACOALApparel & Fashion ProductsApparelLingerie, Children Underwear, Women OuterwearTHAILAND
THAI WAHAgricultural Products & FoodGrain and Grain Products, StarchTapioca Starch, Glucose, Tapioca Pearl, Vermicelli and Bean Sheet, Rice Noodle and Rice VermicelliTHAILAND
THANULUXApparel & Fashion ProductsApparelGarment, Leather ProductsTHAILAND
THE THAI SILKApparel & Fashion ProductsTextileAll Silk Yarns, Weft Silk, Warp Silk, Silk Worm Culture, Silk NetTHAILAND
THONG GUAN INDUSTRIESPaper, Packaging & PrintingPackaging MaterialsLLDPE Stretch Films, Garbage Bags, Plastic Shopping Bags, Biodegradable Plastic Bags, White Masterbatch, PVC Food WrapMALAYSIA
TIPCO ASPHALTHome & ConstructionBuilding MaterialsAsphalt Emulsion, Asphalt Cement, Cutback Asphalt, Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement (PMA), Natural Rubber Modified Asphalt (Para AC), Premix, Tipco Joint Sealer and Tipco Joint Primer Asphalt Cement, Kerosene, Naphtha, Diesel and Bunker Oil.THAILAND
TIPCO FOODSAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Fruit Juices, Vegetable Juices, Canned Pineapples, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Mixed Fruit Juices, Ready-to-Drink Beverages, Mineral WaterTHAILAND
TOA PAINT THAILANDMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsChemicalsPaints and CoatingsTHAILAND
TONGTAIIndustrial Machinery & EquipmentMetalworking MachineryVertical/Horizontal CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machines, PCB Drilling Machines, Laser Processing EquipmentTAIWAN
TOP FRUITSAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Fresh and Frozen Fruits: Durian, Pineapples, Guavas, Papayas, Bananas, Mangosteen, Cempedak, Soursop. Processed Fruits: Durian Snacks, Durian Pastries and BakeryMALAYSIA
TOP GLOVEAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsLatex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Household Gloves, Cleanroom Gloves, Cast Polyethylene (CPE) Gloves, Industrial/ Long Length High Risk Gloves, Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves, Nitrile Surgical Gloves, Double Donning Surgical Gloves, Thermoformed Film Packed Surgical GlovesMALAYSIA
TOP UNIONAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsNatural Latex Mattresses, Natural Latex Pillows and other Natural Latex Bedding Accessories; Working Rubber Gloves, Rubber BootsTHAILAND
TOYOTA MOTOR THAILANDAuto & TransportationCars, Trucks, and MotorcyclesPassenger Cars, Pick-Up Trucks, Auto PartsTHAILAND
TPCSApparel & Fashion ProductsTextileIndustrial Textiles (mostly for automotive industry: car roof, carpet, air filters), Home Textiles, Lingerie FabricsTHAILAND
TROPICAL FOOD INDUSTRIESAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Canned Pineapples, Concentrated Pineapple Juice, Canned Seasonal Tropical Fruits (Lychee, Longan, Rambutan, Mango, Jackfruit, Papaya), Canned Sweet Corn Kernel, Canned Baby CornTHAILAND
TSINGTAO BREWERYAgricultural Products & FoodAlcoholic BeveragesBeerCHINA
UNILEVER (MALAYSIA)Health & Beauty ProductsBeauty and Personal Care ProductsDeodorants, Detergents, Shampoo, Skin Care Products, Toothpastes, Soap, Edible Oil, Vanaspati, Tea, Ice CreamMALAYSIA
UNION-POWER METALSHome & ConstructionSecurity and ProtectionDoor Locks, Hinges, Handles, Cabinet LocksCHINA
UNITED LEATHER PRODUCTApparel & Fashion ProductsLeather ProductsCrocodile Leather Goods: Crocodile Leather Handbags, Wallets and Belts; Crocodile Hides, Crocodile Finished SkinTHAILAND
UNITED PALM OIL INDUSTRYAgricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsCrude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Kernel Seeds, Electricity Power from Bio MassTHAILAND
UNIVANICH PALM OILAgricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsCrude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), Palm Kernel SeedsTHAILAND
UNIVERSAL ROBINAAgricultural Products & FoodSnack FoodSavory snacks, Potato Chips, Candies, Chocolates, Canned Beans, Biscuits, Cookies, Pretzels, Noodles, Wafers, Ready-to-Drink Beverages (Green Tea, Coffee), Instant Coffee. For domestic market: Sugar, Flour, Animal FeedPHILIPPINES
V & K PINEAPPLE CANNINGAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Canned Fruits (Pineapples, Papayas), Dehydrated Fruits (Pineapples, Papayas, Mangos, Guavas), Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Coconut ChipsTHAILAND
VEDANTA RESOURCESMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsMinerals and MetallurgyZinc, Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Silver, Iron Ore, Crude Oil, Natural GasINDIA
VICHITBHAN PALM OILAgricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsCrude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Kernel Seeds, Electricity Power from Bio MassTHAILAND
VINAMILKAgricultural Products & FoodDairyCondensed Milk, Powdered Milk, Fresh Milk, Yogurts, Ice-Cream, Cheese and other Dairy Products; Fruit Juices, Coffee, Soy Milk, Bottled Drinking Water and Bottled Tea.VIETNAM
VITA FOOD FACTORYAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Dehydrated Fruits, Canned Fruits and Vegetables (Canned Pineapples), Fruit Juices and Concentrated Fruit Juices, Frozen Fruits and VegetablesTHAILAND
VITASOYAgricultural Products & FoodSoft DrinksSoy Milk, Tofu, Juices, Coffee, Tea DrinksCHINA
WANT WANT CHINA HOLDINGSAgricultural Products & FoodSnack FoodRice Crackers, Milk, Dairy Products and Beverages, Snacks, CandiesCHINA
WH GROUPAgricultural Products & FoodMeat and PoultryPork (Fresh and Packaged Meats)CHINA
XEPA-SOUL PATTINSON (MALAYSIA)Health & Beauty ProductsHealth and Medical ProductsPharmaceutical ProductsMALAYSIA
XIAMEN RAYENAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Fresh Fruits: Pomelo, Mandarin Oranges, Apples, and Pears. Fresh and frozen Vegetables: Carrots, Ginger, Garlic.CHINA
XINHAI VALVEAuto & TransportationConstruction and Mining EquipmentBall Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Plug Valves, Pipe StrainerCHINA
YASUMAAgricultural Products & FoodSeasonings and CondimentsSpices & Herbs: Anise Seed, Allspice, Onion, Oregano, Grated Ginger, Garlic, Kaffir Lime, Galangal, Cardamon, Caraway Seed, Cumin Seed, Cloves, Coriander, Saffron, Japanese Pepper, Chinese Pepper, Cinnamon, Juniper Berries, Ginger, Star Anise, Sage, Selery, Pepper, Jalapeno Chili, Habanero Chili, Chipotle, Turmeric, Thyme, Tarragon, Dill, Nutmeg, Basil, Parsley, Paprika, Fenugreek Seed, Fennel Seed, Marjoram, Mace, Lemon Grass, Rose Hip, Rosemary, Laurel. Dehydrated Vegetables & Fruits.JAPAN