Manufacturer List

Company NameMain Product CategoryProductsCountry
UNIVERSAL ROBINAAgricultural Products & FoodSnack FoodSavory snacks, Potato Chips, Candies, Chocolates, Canned Beans, Biscuits, Cookies, Pretzels, Noodles, Wafers, Ready-to-Drink Beverages (Green Tea, Coffee), Instant Coffee. For domestic market: Sugar, Flour, Animal FeedPHILIPPINES
VEDANTA RESOURCESMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsMinerals and MetallurgyZinc, Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Silver, Iron Ore, Crude Oil, Natural GasINDIA
VICHITBHAN PALM OILAgricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsCrude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Kernel Seeds, Electricity Power from Bio MassTHAILAND
VINAMILKAgricultural Products & FoodDairyCondensed Milk, Powdered Milk, Fresh Milk, Yogurts, Ice-Cream, Cheese and other Dairy Products; Fruit Juices, Coffee, Soy Milk, Bottled Drinking Water and Bottled Tea.VIETNAM
VITA FOOD FACTORYAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Dehydrated Fruits, Canned Fruits and Vegetables (Canned Pineapples), Fruit Juices and Concentrated Fruit Juices, Frozen Fruits and VegetablesTHAILAND
WANT WANT CHINA HOLDINGSAgricultural Products & FoodSnack FoodRice Crackers, Milk, Dairy Products and Beverages, Snacks, CandiesCHINA
WH GROUPAgricultural Products & FoodMeat and PoultryPork (Fresh and Packaged Meats)CHINA
XEPA-SOUL PATTINSON (MALAYSIA)Health & Beauty ProductsHealth and Medical ProductsPharmaceutical ProductsMALAYSIA