Manufacturer List

Company NameMain Product CategoryProductsCountry
KAO INDUSTRIAL (THAILAND)Health & Beauty ProductsBeauty and Personal Care ProductsShampoo and Detergent Products, Body Care Products, CosmeticsTHAILAND
KAREX INDUSTRIESAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsCondoms (Natural Latex Condoms), Catheters, Latex CoversMALAYSIA
KASET THAI INTERNATIONAL SUGARAgricultural Products & FoodSugarSugar, Molasses, Paper Pulp, Bio Fertilizers, Ethanol, Electricity from BiomassTHAILAND
KAWASAKI MOTORS ENTERPRISE (THAILAND)Auto & TransportationCars, Trucks, and MotorcyclesMotorcycles and Motorcycle PartsTHAILAND
KHON KAEN SUGAR INDUSTRYAgricultural Products & FoodSugarRaw Sugar, High Polarization Sugar, White Sugar, Refined Sugar, Molasses, Bagasses, Filter MudTHAILAND
KIAN JOO CAN FACTORYMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsMinerals and MetallurgyAluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Corrugated Fibreboard Carton, PET BottlesMALAYSIA
KIKKOMANAgricultural Products & FoodSeasonings and CondimentsSoy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Tempura & Noodle Sauce, Sukiyaki Sauce, Japanese-style Seasoning Mixes, Tomato Ketchup, Chili Sauce, Soy Milk, Sake, Mirin, Koshu (Koshu Kobo no Awa) and other kinds of Japanese WineJAPAN
KIM HIN INDUSTRYHome & ConstructionCeramic and TilesCeramic Tiles: Ceramic Floor Tiles, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Homogeneous TilesMALAYSIA
KING'S CONFECTIONERYAgricultural Products & FoodBaked GoodsBakery Products, CakesMALAYSIA
KOLIATEAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Canned Fruits (Pineapples, Lychees, Longans, Rambutans, Mangos, Papayas), Canned Vegetables, Canned TunaTHAILAND
KOSSAN RUBBER INDUSTRIESAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsLatex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Moulded Rubber Parts, Extruded Rubber ProductsMALAYSIA
KYMDAN COMPANYAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsNatural Latex Mattresses, Natural Latex Pillows and other Natural Latex Bedding Accessories; Furniture (Beds, Sofas, Lounge Suites), Mattress Covers, Bed Sheet SetsVIETNAM
LACTASOYAgricultural Products & FoodSoft DrinksSoy MilkTHAILAND
LAM SOON (THAILAND)Agricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsCooking Oil (Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Olive Oil), Margarine, Shortening, Chocolate CompoundTHAILAND
LAM SOON EDIBLE OILSAgricultural Products & FoodVegetable and animal oils and fatsRecombined Butter, Canola Oil RBD, Cooking Oil, Corn Oil RBD, Dairy Spreads, Ghee, Hydrogenated Fats (Palm, Palm Kernel, Seed Oil and Blends), Laundry Soap Bars, Palm Kernel Oil RBD, Palm Kernel Olein RBD, Palm Stearin RBD, Retail and Industrial Margarines, Shortenings, Soap Chips, Specialty Oils and Fats (Lauric and Non-Lauric), Sunflower Oil RBD, Toilet Soap BarsMALAYSIA
LANNA PRODUCTSAgricultural Products & FoodSeasonings and CondimentsWasabi Paste, Wasabi Sauce, Wasabi Powder, Wasabi Flavour, Japanese Soy Sauce, Mustard Flavour, Prepared Mustard, Seasoning Kanpyo, Ginger Paste, Prepared Horseradish, Vegetable Juice, Cocktail Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Seafood Sauce, Mustard Oil, Horseradish Oil, Frozen Ginger, Frozen Wasabi, Powdered Karashi MustardTHAILAND
LARGAN PRECISIONElectronics & Electrical EquipmentElectronic Components and SuppliesSmartphone Camera Lenses, Webcam Lenses, Optoelectronic PartsTAIWAN
LATEX SYSTEMSAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber Products Natural Latex Mattresses, Natural Latex Pillows and other Latex Products.THAILAND
LATEXX MANUFACTURINGAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsLatex Gloves (Examination), Nitrile Gloves (Examination)MALAYSIA
LB ALUMINIUMMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsMinerals and MetallurgyAluminum Extrusions, Galvanised Ceiling Suspension Tees, Aluminum Sheets, Aluminum CoilsMALAYSIA
LENOVO GROUPElectronics & Electrical EquipmentComputers, Cell Phones and Other Consumer ElectronicsPCs (Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers), Tablets, Smartphones, Workstations, Servers, Electronic Storage Devices, IT Management Software, Smart TelevisionsCHINA
LIN SHING ENTERPRISE (THAILAND)Agricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsLatex Foam, Rubber Foam Lamination, Pasting Foam, Natural Latex Pillows, Natural Latex Mattresses, Latex Bolters, Yoga MatsTHAILAND
LION CORPORATION (THAILAND)Health & Beauty ProductsBeauty and Personal Care ProductsToothpaste, Soap, Shampoo, Baby Care Products, Detergents, Household Cleaners, Pet FoodTHAILAND
LUPIN LIMITEDHealth & Beauty ProductsHealth and Medical ProductsPharmaceutical Products (Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Over-the-Counter Drugs)INDIA
MAHINDRA & MAHINDRAAuto & TransportationCars, Trucks, and MotorcyclesPassenger Cars, SUV Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Farm Equipment, Automotive ComponentsINDIA
MALAYAN FLOUR MILLSAgricultural Products & FoodGrain and Grain Products, StarchWheat Flour, Animal Feed, Fish Feeds, Broiler Chickens, Processed Chicken ProductsMALAYSIA
MALEE GROUPAgricultural Products & FoodFruits and Vegetables (including Canned, Dried and Frozen)Fruit Juices, Vegetable Juices, Canned Coffee Drinks, Cow Milk, Corn Milk, Canned Tropical Fruits (Rambutan, Rambutan Stuffed with Pineapple, Lychee, Longan, Toddy Palm Seed, Mango, etc), Canned Sweet Corn, Canned Pineapple, Mixed Canned Fruits, Concentrated Pineapple JuiceTHAILAND
MARINE GOLD PRODUCTSAgricultural Products & FoodFish and SeafoodFrozen Shrimp, Cooked Shrimp, other SeafoodTHAILAND
MARUTI SUZUKI INDIAAuto & TransportationCars, Trucks, and MotorcyclesPassenger Cars, SUV CarsINDIA
MEGA LIFESCIENCESHealth & Beauty ProductsHealth and Medical ProductsPharmaceutical Products (Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Over-the-Counter Drugs), Consumer Health Products, Nutritional Products, Gelatine, Soft Gelatine Capsules, Herbal ProductsTHAILAND
MENAM STAINLESS WIREMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsMinerals and MetallurgyStainless Steel Wires, Stainless Steel Bars, Stainless Profile Wires, Stainless Gratings, Stainless Decorative Border Profiles, Stainless Welding Consumables, Stainless Automotive Exhaust Welding Consumables, Alloy Steel and Carbon SteelTHAILAND
MENGNIU DAIRYAgricultural Products & FoodDairyMilk and Milk Products (UHT Milk, Yogurts, Milk Beverages), Ice Cream, Milk FormulasCHINA
MINEBEA (CAMBODIA)Electronics & Electrical EquipmentElectronic Components and SuppliesMicro Actuators, Brush DC Motors, Power Brushless MotorsCAMBODIA
MITR PHOL GROUPAgricultural Products & FoodSugarSugar, Cane Syrup, Molasses, Electricity Power from Bio Gas, Ethanol, Particle Board, Rubberwood, MDF Panels from BagasseTHAILAND
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC (THAILAND)Electronics & Electrical EquipmentHome Appliances and Other Electrical ProductsResidential Air Conditioners and Commercial Air ConditionersTHAILAND
MITSUBISHI MOTORS (THAILAND)Auto & TransportationCars, Trucks, and MotorcyclesPassenger Cars, Pick-Up TrucksTHAILAND
MUDA PAPER MILLSPaper, Packaging & PrintingPaper and CardboardCore Board, Liner Board, Corrugated Medium Paper, Test Liner, Chip Board, Creped Kraft Paper, Wrapping PaperMALAYSIA
MULTIBAXPaper, Packaging & PrintingPackaging MaterialsBiodegradable Plastic Bags, Polyethylene Bags, Biodegradable ResinTHAILAND
NESTLE (THAI)Agricultural Products & FoodTea, Coffee and CocoaIce Cream, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate Beverages, Powdered Milk, Non-Dairy Creamers, Cereal Beverages, Bottled Water, Breakfast Cereals, Chocolate, Sauce; Dog Food, Cat Food and other Animal FeedTHAILAND
NESTLE MANUFACTURING (MALAYSIA)Agricultural Products & FoodTea, Coffee and CocoaCoffee, Beverages, Milk and Dairy Products, Instant Noodles, Ice Cream, Culinary ProductsMALAYSIA
NEXT CAN INNOVATIONMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsMinerals and MetallurgyAluminum Cans, Cans (2-Piece ADI Cans, 2-Piece TULC Cans)THAILAND
NIKON THAILANDElectronics & Electrical EquipmentComputers, Cell Phones and Other Consumer ElectronicsDigital Cameras, Digital Camera Lenses and other ComponentsTHAILAND
NIPPON PAINTMetallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & PlasticsChemicalsPaints and CoatingsJAPAN
OISHI TRADINGAgricultural Products & FoodSoft DrinksBottled Green Tea, Ready-to-Drink BeveragesTHAILAND
OKAMOTO RUBBER PRODUCTSAgricultural Products & FoodNatural Rubber ProductsCondoms (Natural Rubber Latex Condoms)THAILAND
ORIENTAL FOOD INDUSTRIESAgricultural Products & FoodSnack FoodSnacks: Potato Chips, Crackers, Wafers, Cakes, Wafer Rice Crispies, Prawn Crackers, Onion Rings, Vegetable and Chicken Flavored SnacksMALAYSIA
OSOTSPAAgricultural Products & FoodSoft DrinksEnergy Drinks, Sport Drinks, Functional Drinks, Personal Care Products, Baby Care Products, Confectionery, Consumer Health ProductsTHAILAND
PANASONIC MANUFACTURING MALAYSIAElectronics & Electrical EquipmentHome Appliances and Other Electrical ProductsRice Cookers, Slow Cookers, Electric Irons, Blenders, Home Showers, Juicers, Food Processors, Meat Grinders, Bidet, Electric Fans, Ceiling Fans, Ventilating Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Dish DryersMALAYSIA
PANDORA PRODUCTIONApparel & Fashion ProductsJewelry, Watches, EyewearGold Jewelry, Silver JewelryTHAILAND
PANTAINORASINGH MANUFACTURERAgricultural Products & FoodSeasonings and CondimentsSweet Chili Sauce, Spring Roll Sauce, Cantonese Suki Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Fish Sauce, Light Soy Sauce, Soy Bean Paste, Coconut Milk, Rice Stick, Chili Paste, Curry Paste, Shrimp Paste with Soya Bean Oil, Crab Paste, Bamboo ShootsTHAILAND