South Korea's Largest Companies

all the largest corporations of South Korea use Busan container port for export
from Fortune's Global 500 list

Here is the list of the biggest companies of South Korea in 2022:

RankCompanyFortune Global 500 RankRevenue ($M)Headquarters
1 Samsung Electronics 18 244335 Seoul
2 Hyundai Motor 92 102775 Seoul
3 SK 117 88081 Seoul
4 LG Electronics 187 66862 Seoul
5 POSCO 188 66421 Seoul
6 Kia 212 61050 Seoul
7 Korea Electric Power 249 52356 Naju
8 Hanwha 306 46171 Seoul
9 LG Chem 369 37830 Seoul
10 SK Hynix 373 37574 Icheon
11 KB Financial Group 382 37197 Seoul
12 Samsung Life Insurance 464 30654 Seoul
13 GS Caltex 470 30182 Seoul
14 CJ Corp. 472 30134 Seoul
15 Samsung C&T 474 30109 Seoul

The South Korean economy is one of the most dynamic and innovative in the world. The country has a strong export-oriented economy, with major exports including electronics, automobiles, ships, and petrochemicals. The South Korean economy is also highly diversified, with strong growth sectors including information technology, life sciences, green technology, and creative industries.

South Korea’s GDP growth has been impressive in recent years, averaging around 3% per year. The country’s political stability and strong economic fundamentals have helped to attract significant foreign investment.

Major industries in South Korea include electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, steel production, chemicals, textiles, and food processing. The country is also home to a number of high-tech industries such as semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, and LCD displays.

Koreans are disciplined and hardworking people. This is a nation of workaholics. South Korea turned out to be one of the most effective nations in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Fortune

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