Solar power becomes more and more popular worldwide

plenty of solar panels located in a hot Nevada desert

We are in the sunshine revolution, where solar power has gone from being a highly expensive niche product to becoming a standard in many private homes as well as businesses.

Growing fast

Las Vegas is one of the places where more and more people are turning to renewable energy sources. The way they use and pay for energy has changed drastically in the last decade or so, and in 2015, more than 7.000 homes were fitted with solar panels to generate electricity. Only five years earlier the concept was barely used in private homes.

We have technology, politics, and finance to thank for the new and improved price of solar panels, which are now very affordable. Rooftop solar power companies have entered the market big time, as people are naming the popular system the most radical change to electricity supplies since the industry was born in the 19th century. People are comparing it to the mobile revolution in telephony, or the PC in computing, which both have become a highly useful, standard, and important part of our lives.

Providing power for cities

When speaking about Nevada, Las Vegas, and electricity, there is no way around the casinos. These are known for having luxurious rooms, grand halls, and not the least casinos with bright lights around the clock. The biggest casinos are owned by the MGM resorts. Cindy Ortega is the chief sustainability officer at the resort and says that MGM’s Las Vegas properties use as much power as a small city. Online casinos are getting more popular, which is better for the planet. The sunshine state Florida is one of the places where online gambling is popular, and the reason why so many visit to find the best online casinos.

Ortega explains that the resorts have been looking for more sustainable options, as their energy use is alarmingly high. However, the numbers could never add up, as the prices for solar panels were very costly. After the fall in price, the MGM locations have been able to install more than 20.000 panels, making it one of the biggest rooftop installations in the world. This makes it easier for the company to ensure enough energy to operate the major building, including the artificial beach and gold-reflecting windows.

Not the future but the presence

Many might think that complete solar power belongs to the future when it is very much our presence. It is the cheapest source of electricity in history and has become a staple for many homeowners and businesses that are either running partly or solely on solar power. While most people are choosing it as an economical benefit, there is no denying that the shift in energy source is good for the environment as well. Making greener energy such as wind and solar is both the present and the right way to go.

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